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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on track to earn $10 million in first month

AR game brought in $1.1 million from opening weekend
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on track to earn $10 million in first month
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Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is on course to earn $10 million in its first month after release, according to Sensor Tower.

After launching on Friday, June 21st, the magical free-to-play title generated $300,000 in revenue within its first 24 hours in the US and UK. Data has now confirmed that the game made an estimated $1.1 million from its opening weekend of June 20th to 23rd.

88 per cent of player spending originated from the US, while the UK followed in second at eight per cent.

The game was initially downloaded 400,000 times on its opening day but that number has now risen to three million installs from its first three days of being live.

Based on these numbers, it’s expected that Wizards Unite will now gross more than $10 million in its opening 30 days, with large markets including Japan and South Korea set to receive the app during this time.

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In comparison, Pokemon Go generated over $28 million in its first four days, with 24 million downloads accounted for from the US, Australia and New Zealand. The Pocket Monsters then went on to earn $206 million and 173 million installs in its first month.

Wizards Unite initially launched in the US and UK alone but is gradually being rolling out globally and is now available in most of Europe, Canada and parts of Asia.