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Huuuge Games bags new studios and new games

Huuuge Games have secured publishing rights for two studios, Square Triangle and Frieddegames and their titles Bowling Clash: New Legends & Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game
Huuuge Games bags new studios and new games

Mobile publisher Huuuge Games has secured two new publishing deals with studios Square Triangle and Frieddegames. The deal will see Huuuge Games publish their games Bowling Clash: New Legends and Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game respectively.

As Huuuge notes, this is similar to their previous publishing deal for the title Traffic Puzzle, which was acquired by the studio in 2021. It marks a strong start to the year for the company, in a period where many others are buckling down.

Founder and Co-CEO of Huuuge Games, Anton Gauffin said of the deal “Huuuge strives to work with the best creative talents from across the games industry to build and publish a wide array of fun games. We are extremely excited about the potential for these two distinct and creative games. Bowling Clash: New Legends and Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game each have diverse and exciting mechanics, but also possess the social features that we look for at Huuuge.

"Finding partners who are equally passionate about our vision to connect millions of players in real-time casual gaming platforms is beyond exciting. We look forward to starting our partnerships and helping introduce these fantastic games to the world”.

Huuuge deals

Having previously acquired Traffic Puzzle for $38.9M in April 2021 it's not too hard to speculate that – should the publishing deal for the two new titles prove successful – the company may make similar moves in the future. Both are of course examples of the casual/hypercasual mobile game market which has been steadily growing, especially in Western markets, where quick and replayable games capture player attention easily.

Both of the studios that Huuuge are now working with were positive about the deal.

CEO of Square Triangle, Evgenii Luibetskii was positive about the company’s future “We are very happy to partner with Huuuge Games, a leading real-time mobile games developer and publisher. We believe that a joint effort with Huuuge will help Square Triangle to become a leader in the sports genre on mobile. Our aim is to give players the ultimate bowling experience to help them feel famous and successful in the sport. By working with Huuuge we have an opportunity to deliver this amazing sports-like experience to a massive amount of players all around the globe!”

Meanwhile Executive Producer at Friedeggames,Tim Sadovsky was more excited about the potential global reach Huuuge offered them “We really enjoy making games that people can play in all languages. As a small company, we greatly appreciate our partnership with Huuuge Games, a truly global mobile publisher, who will definitely help us move our game to the next level. Our Cafe Dash story is just beginning.”

Huuuge Games’ business model has been paying off as the company announced record profits in their final quarter of 2022. Although both Frieddegames and Square Triangle seem to have had a positive experience, developer poncle has previously spoken about their difficulties finding a suitable publisher in the mobile market