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IAPs and ads see Gameloft revenues hit record 50.4 million euros in Q2 2012

Account for 60% of smartphone sales
IAPs and ads see Gameloft revenues hit record 50.4 million euros in Q2 2012

The continued success of Gameloft's smartphone line up resulteds in the publisher enjoy a record quarter in Q2 2012 according to the latest financials released by the firm.

Gameloft (EPA:GFT) saw revenues hit €50.4 million (around $62 million) across the quarter, up 35 percent year on year.

Growth as a whole also accelerated, up on the 14 percent rise enjoyed in Q1.

Breaking down those figures, Gameloft said the North American markets generated 33 percent of the firm's sales, with Europe and the Middle East accounting for 26 percent.

In-app success

Sales worldwide, however, were driven by what Gameloft claims was the "massive success" of its smartphone and tablet line up up 119 percent year on year and equal to half of total sales - with the publisher employing in-app purchases in all major releases since March this year.

"The strong acceleration of growth enjoyed by Gameloft's smartphone activity is also related to the success of the freemium and paymium models put in place fifteen months ago," the firm said in a statement..

"Gameloft's number of monthly active users currently stands at 55 million and more than 60 percent of Gameloft's smartphone revenues now derive from in-app purchases and advertising revenues."

In all, revenues have hit 95.2 million (around $118 million) throughout the first half of 2012 a rise of 24 percent.

Gameloft's full consolidated first half results will be published on 4 September.

[source: Gameloft]