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Sam Barlow's Her Story is the big winner of the 12th IMGAs

Wins three awards
Sam Barlow's Her Story is the big winner of the 12th IMGAs

At GDC 2016, the IMGA revealed the 14 mobile games that had won its 2016 awards.

Apart from the fact that there were only 12 mobile games, as Sam Barlow's Her Story won three awards: Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Innovation and the Grand Prix.

You can read our Making Of article about the game here

The other winners were as below:

  • Best Multiplayer Game: by Miniclip (UK),
  • Best Quickplay Game: Smashy Road: Wanted by Bearbit Studios (Netherland),
  • Guilty Pleasure: Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Game Studio (USA,
  • Best Meaningful Play: This War of Mine by 11 bit studios (Poland),
  • Excellence in Gameplay: Badland 2 by Frogmind Games (Finland),
  • Best Technical Achievement: Shadowmatic by Triada Studios (Armenia),
  • Excellence in Audio, Visual Art & Design: Lumino City by State of Play Games (UK),
  • Best Upcoming Game: Clash Royale by Supercell (Finland),
  • Best VR Game: Land's End by ustwo (UK),
  • Jury’s Honorable Mention: LongStory by Bloom Digital Media (Canada), and
  • People's Choice Award: Shadowmatic by Triada Studios (Armenia).

"This year again, the IMGA honors the hard work of thousands of developers and highlights the next generation of games to rise above," commented IMGA founder Maarten Noyons.


IMGA has also announced its expansion in Asia, with a launch of IMGA South-East-Asia in April and IMGA Chin in May.

You can find out more details at