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In Barcelona for MWC? Meet the PG team and come to our latest Mobile Mixer!

Network, drink, and enjoy spicy sausage!
In Barcelona for MWC? Meet the PG team and come to our latest Mobile Mixer!

It wouldn't be Mobile World Congress without a Pocket Gamer event, so we made sure not to let you down with our MWC Mobile Mixer uniting the mobile games industry on Monday 24 February at Carmelitas.

After a busy first day of the conference, we're on hand to offer some top tapas, thought-provoking discussion and the finest networking action there is to be had in the mobile games industry. 

Naturally, there will be free flowing cervezas, courtesy of our sponsors iDreamSky and Paymentwall plus an abundance of Pocket Gamers on hand both on the floor and at the dedicated journalist bar to talk about your upcoming game, SDK, or anything else you want to share with the team.

Food for thought

With literally tons of new technology being unveiled just up the road it seemed like a perfect time to focus our panel discussion on the thorny issue of fragmentation and developer focus.

With the Android OS representing an increasingly wide spectrum of devices, clear divisions emerging between tablet and smartphones and the likes of Windows Phone and HTML5 coming up on the rails, is it better to focus efforts on just one platform/device and make the best experience possible, or should you look to spread your net as far as possible? And if so, how do you do it?

We'll touch on specific platforms and technologies, middleware solutions and niche markets before segueing into other hot topics in the games world.

Our Star Studded Panel

  • Honor Gunday, CEO & Founder, Paymentwall
  • Sri Kannan, Founder & CEO, Gamebench
  • Oscar Clark, Evangelist, Everyplay
  • Pepe Agell, Head of International, Chartboost
  • Alex Bubb, Head of Partner Management & Marketing, Nokia
  • Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO, Digital Legends
  • Chris James, MD, Steel Media

Our most recent Mixer in Amsterdam

The event is free for those in the mobile games business (don't forget to bring a card) and kicks off at 18:30, with the panel commencing at c.19:00, and the after-party from 20:00 until 23:00.

To register, go to our Eventbrite page now.

Meet Pocket Gamer at MWC

If you can't make it to the event (or even if you can) and would like to connect with the PG team at MWC, then feel free to drop us a mail below.

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