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Industrial Toys spin-off Gunslinger Studios raises $1.4 million

Closing down on a Summer 2017 release for Exiles of Embermark
Industrial Toys spin-off Gunslinger Studios raises $1.4 million
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Dec 12, 2016 investment Gunslinger Studios $1.4m
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Exiles of Embermark developer Gunslinger Studios has closed a $1.4 million seed funding round.

Investment came from Chicago Ventures, Third Wave Digital and gaming industry angels including Gregory Milken and Rob Goldberg. The money will be used to finish Embermark and the live platform it has been built to use.

"We looked at what competitive gamers like us get all frothy crazy about and then distilled that into a fiercely mobile game experience," said Gunslinger CEO Tim Harris.

"This funding lets us deliver that experience as well as the platform it’s built on."

Spinning off

Gunslinger Studios was spun-off from Midnight Star developer Industrial Toys in February 2016. It was established due to a desire to keep funding separate from Industrial Toys'.

Exiles of Embermark is an RPG designed to be played in 60-second sessions with one hand due out in Summer 2017. It is featured on our Most Anticipated games list.