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InnoHub returns as InnoGames rents out office space to aspiring gaming startups

InnoGames is renting private workspaces ranging from 14m² to 200m² in size
InnoHub returns as InnoGames rents out office space to aspiring gaming startups
  • InnoGames has relaunched InnoHub, offering ambitious startups a space to develop their games
  • The company is hopeful that opening up to subtenants will create an ideal environment for networking

Forge of Empires developer and MTG-owned German games company InnoGames has relaunched InnoHub - a concept they coined 10 years earlier wherein the company offered ambitious startups and creative minds a space to develop their games.

This office space offering is back again with InnoGames currently renting out two floors of its Hamburg headquarters - perhaps slightly roomier following the company’s 75 redundancies last spring. Equally, this may be possible more so because of the company’s hybrid work model which wasn’t implemented the last time around.

Prospective subtenants can apply to InnoGames’ facility manager Alexander Eichhorn for terms of at least one month, with internet, electricity, heating, water and even coffee included in the package. Successful applicants can also use InnoGames’ canteen, InnoFit Gym, and the "Town Hall" (a lounge, dining room and event space).

Now, back to networking

InnoGames’ private workspace offering stopped the first time because the company expanded to a size where it needed that space back, but this is clearly no longer the case. Aiming to build upon this prior success, the first and second floors of InnoGames’ six-storey HQ are being let out with a total area of more than 2,600m².

Each private workspace ranges in size from 14m² to 200m² and gives newcomers to the games industry an opportunity to work together in person without having to find the funds to invest in the operation and maintenance of an office.

InnoGames is hopeful that opening up to subtenants will have symbiotic benefits besides just the direct monetary side of renting; namely, the developer hopes to create an ideal environment for networking.

"Who knows what great encounters and projects will emerge from the physical proximity with our new subtenants. We are already very excited," said InnoGames co-founder and COO Michael Zillmer.

Eichhorn added: "This time, the fit-out is of an even higher quality than before. In addition, we are offering more services in the space, such as furnishing. Thanks to a flexible model in which companies can secure fixed offices with or without furnishings for short terms at an all-inclusive rent, we consider our solution to be particularly interesting for start-ups and creative companies where financing is not yet fully secured."

Meanwhile, moving away from the hybrid approach, Roblox has announced that its remote workforce must return to headquarters in California by July 15 2024 to keep their jobs.