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Intel to launch subscription model for bundled titles on AppUp store

MeeGo tablets to benefit
Intel to launch subscription model for bundled titles on AppUp store

In a move designed to bolster support for its marketplace, Intel has revealed it's to enable a subscription model for apps delivered via its AppUp store for tablets and netbooks.

AppUp was launched by Intel in a move to encourage software development for hardware running Intel or x86 processors, currently boasting a total of 3,000 apps.

However, Intel believes the launch of a subscription model will monetise the marketplace further, better befitting consumers and drawing over further studios to the store as a result.

Payment power

"The notion of bundled subscriptions that developers can opt into as well as individual subscriptions unique to their brand - individual titles or multiple titles - absolutely we're going to be supporting that in the future," revealed AppUp general manager Peter Biddle.

Biddle claimed the subscription model would be pitched at app bundles collections of casual titles grouped together, for instance or rental software.

"It's very high priority for us," he added.

"Users understand the business model of renting versus buying and they've been doing it with movies, books and audio for years. It's not a big leap for them."

Getting going for MeeGo

The new payment option will be an important tool in AppUp's arsenal, as Intel prepares to roll it out on MeeGo.

The maligned OS developed in conjunction with Nokia, but now solely in the hands of Intel was demoed running on tablets back in June 2010, with Intel in the process of fitting up MeeGo with a fresh 'user experience' for such devices.

It's suggested Intel will also look to add in-app billing and support for PayPal to AppUp in the future.

[source: PCWorld]