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Internet-obsessed Merge Mansion closes in on $40 million revenue

10 million downloads since September 2020
Internet-obsessed Merge Mansion closes in on $40 million revenue
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Merge Mansion from Metacore has generated $38.6 million in less than a year, according to Sensor Tower data.

The mobile puzzler set the internet ablaze after an advertisement for the game began trending on Twitter, not too similar to the Lily's Garden campaign from Tactile Games that went viral in 2020.

The video clip shows protagonist Maddie go on a rollercoaster of emotions that involves various twists that happen during the narrative. This includes the disappearance of her fiance on their wedding day, the burning of Maddie's house and her Grandma being arrested only to reveal the husband is actually alive.

As always, large parts of social media have taken this to the next level with images and memes being reposted and reshared in the following days.

"You're next"

"Help young explorer Maddie Boulton unravel the mystery of this fantastical mansion, make a full home design makeover and discover the hidden secrets in a spectacular, unique merge quest puzzle game," reads the game description

The conversation has helped Merge Mansion edge even closer to $40 million from player spending, since launching on September 16th, 2020. The US claimed the top spot for spending at $23 million, or 59.6 per cent of the total figure. Following this was the UK and Germany in second and third, respectively.

Downloads for Merge Mansion have now surpassed the 10 million milestone as well, with 10.7 million installs made in 11 months to be precise. Once again the US ranked first at 2.8 million installs (26.6 per cent), while Germany placed second and the UK settled for third.

Merge Mansion is available to download across the App Store and Google Play. Check out the trending video clip below:

The rise in revenue for Merge Mansion will be a sigh of relief for developer Metascore after Supercell agreed to lend $180 million to scale the game in May this year.

More recently, App Annie revealed that over 800 mobile games make more than $1 million every month.