W3i on how its pay for install Apperang website makes money for developers too

W3i on how its pay for install Apperang website makes money for developers too
US app distribution company W3i has been making waves, thanks to the launch of Apperang, the website that pays people to download iPhone games and apps.

There's method to the madness however, with Apperang being the consumer outlet of an app promotion system that's already been proved in the PC and web space.

We caught up with product manager, Derrick Fountain to find out more details about its new mobile push.

Pocket Gamer: Why have you decided to expand your Windows app business to iPhone?

Derrick Fountain: W3i's mission is to be the market share leader in app distribution. In order to become the true leader, we need to expand into new distribution platforms and service models, particularly those that represent high growth opportunities and an opportunity to deliver real value to both users and advertisers.

It made perfect sense that we would parlay our sophisticated app marketing technology on the desktop into something unique and different for the mobile space.

Thus, we introduce, Apperang, a new incentivised app distribution service powered by the same InstallIQ technology that delivers millions of installs and sophisticated reporting to app advertisers.

How does it work?

To ensure that you actually install the app, Apperang runs a verification process using your iTunes desktop software. After downloading and installing an application, the user returns to Apperang to verify and have their account credited with the payout amount.

The only catch is that the user must have over $1 in their Apperang account to take the money in their bank account.

What's the typical cost of an install for a developer?

The typical cost is the price of the app, plus $0.20 for those who take advantage of our special promotion; and price of the app, plus $0.40 as the standard rate. So, if an app is free, the average advertiser would pay $0.40 per install.

What advantages does it offer developers?

More downloads - With more downloads, your apps achieve higher rankings in the App Store and increased organic traffic.

Performance-based advertising - Lower acquisition costs equal more profit.

No integration - No need to embed code, so no waiting line. Get speed-to-market.

Powerful targeting - Users share their preferences with advertisers to receive recommended apps based on device, categories and self-reported favorite apps.

Sophisticated reporting - Leverage the same powerful InstallIQ reporting infrastructure that tracks millions of installs each month for app advertisers.

How do developers make money from the system?

Advertisers earn additional incremental revenue by monetising their user base and fully exploiting their chart position. We see W3i Mobile Solutions as one of several tactics in an app marketer's toolbox that serves to boost adoption and chart position.

App advertisers choose to invest in marketing their apps and embrace the delayed gratification that comes with moving up the charts and into the top App Store categories. These moves have real revenue impacts for the app advertiser.

Why do you think W3i will do better than similar services offered on mobile?

We believe that offering a cash incentive as a reward for installing paid apps is a much more appealing value proposition to the user, as opposed to rewarding the user with virtual currency.

In addition, W3i delivers speed-to-market due to the non-intrusive method by which apps are marketed, installed, and tracked.

Installs originating from the our consumer-facing website gives the same powerful reporting you would expect from a more intrusive implementation such as integrating an SDK, or implementing an offer wall to cross-promote house ads alongside other offers.

Do you have any plans for extending it to other mobile platforms?

Yes. With a goal of being the market share leader in app distribution, we do not plan to limit ourselves to one specific platform.

We've built a solid business distributing apps on the desktop, we just launched our app distribution business on the iPhone, and we will continue to expand and grow into other platforms and devices in the future to meet growing discovery and monetisation demands of consumers and advertisers.

Thanks to Derrick for his time.

You can find out more via W3i's mobile website, or the Apperang website.
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Betty Lee
Apperang is pretty neat but there are better services out there. is a similar service but has way more apps to choose from.