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iPhone TV advert banned for being misleading

Download speeds shown are 'exaggerated'
iPhone TV advert banned for being misleading

For the second time, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has come down on Apple for claims made in its iPhone TV adverts. This time, a commercial has been banned for displaying misleading examples of the iPhone's internet speed capabilities after complaints were received.

The advert by TBWALondon claims the iPhone can "download pretty much anything, really fast", while the accompanying video showed the handset responding instantaneously to web browser and Google map clicks.

A small print qualifier does state that 'Network performance will vary by location', though the ASA determined that "…the visuals, in conjunction with the repeated use of the claim 'really fast', were likely to lead viewers to believe that the device actually operated at or near to the speeds shown in the ad."

Despite Apple UK stating that the claims made in the ad were "relative rather than absolute in nature" (a nebulous retort, at best) the ASA's ruling said that while the majority of consumers would be familiar with the realistic performance of mobile phones "...many might not be fully aware of the technical differences between the different types of technology".

Concluding that the iPhone advert was misleading, the ASA told Apple it must not appear again in its current form.