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Jetpack Collective to publish Rare Pets - Merge Game Mystery

The iOS and Android title is one of two new games being published by the company
Jetpack Collective to publish Rare Pets - Merge Game Mystery
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Fundamentally Games subsidiary Jetpack Collective is set to publish a new merge game, Rare Pets - Merge Game Mystery.

Developed by Dream Reality Interactive, the title is part of two new publishing deals for Jetpack Collective, that being for Rare Pets and PC title Goblin Gladiators. Rare Pets is set to be released in Q2/Q3 of 2023 and is one of a number of merge-themed titles that have proven to be especially popular in the mobile gaming market recently. It's also one of a growing catalogue of indie titles being published by Jetpack Collective that has grown over recent months.

CEO of Dream Reality Interactive, Dave Ranyard commented “It’s great to work with a team like Jetpack Collective, who understand what makes living games work and yet care so much about what players really value too. Together we will deliver our vision of a game filled with charm and delight that we hope our audience will keep falling in love with.”

Merging Mysteries

One of the biggest hits on mobile recently has been Metacore’s Merge Mansion, which follows on from other match-3 titles using the merge theming. The developer has seen major success with the title and has inspired other companies to pursue similar game concepts with different spins on the original format. Rare Pets being one such title which discards the original match-3 gameplay in favour of concentrating primarily on the merge mechanics.

The appeal of these games is obvious, with a strong focus on player interaction, intuition and discoverability, while for developers it allows more creativity whilst keeping a narrow focus that’s easier to develop for. Jetpack Collective themselves are also one of a current crop of publishers exploring the quiet but still active mobile indie scene.

CEO of Fundamentally Games, Oscar Clark explored the difficulties behind indie publishing for mobile in a recent feature.