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Jetpack Joyride downloads jump past 600,000 mark on iOS

Halfbrick scores another successful franchise
Jetpack Joyride downloads jump past 600,000 mark on iOS

When a developer has been behind in Halfbrick's own words one of the 'biggest mobile games of all time' in the form of Fruit Ninja, it's inevitable any future releases will be measured against the same high watermark.

It took the Australian studio's latest release Jetpack Joyride a week to hit 350,000 downloads on iOS, however, suggesting its status as yet another successful franchise for Halfbrick wasn't in doubt.

Now, CMO Phil Larsen has revealed total downloads have now passed the 600,000 mark, with the game taking top grossing spot on the App Store in 18 different countries in the process.

Jetpack joy

"To give a quick update, the downloads for Jetpack Joyride are now over 600,000," Larsen told us in an interview.

"We are very happy with that for a number of reasons. It is another successful IP for Halfbrick, and a very profitable game. What's more, it tells us something about the market, about monetisation, and about the value of a quality game."

Larsen said the studio was aware of just how big a game Fruit Ninja was to follow up, but Halfbrick strives to learn something about the mobile business with every release it puts out.

"For example, Jetpack is our first game with IAP, and we've already learned so much about how that works and how to improve future developments," he added.

"To top it off, Jetpack was designed from the ground up as a living, breathing beast to be adapted, changed, updated and improved. The core gameplay and polished content is so strong that we're only able to move up from here.

"It doesn't have the runaway universal accessibility that Fruit Ninja had, but everything is still working for us and going guns blazing."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.