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TinyBuild's Twitch guru Mike Rose joins Ripstone Games

Seeking third-party PC, console, and mobile games to publish

TinyBuild's Twitch guru Mike Rose joins Ripstone Games

Mike Rose, Pocket Gamer alumnus and former PR Manager at indie developer TinyBuild, has joined Liverpool-based publisher Ripstone Games. 

Here, his role will involve juggling PR, developer relations, and production tasks.

Going viral

At TinyBuild, Rose oversaw a number of headline-grabbing initiatives, most notably using Twitch as a platform for promotion and fan engagement.

The early release of PC and mobile boxing management sim Punch Club, conditional on Twitch users working together to complete the game, was a popular move that paid off, with the game passing $2 million in revenue as of February.

Ripstone Games has traditionally been known as a digital console game publisher, but is now seeking games to publish across PC, console, and mobile platforms.

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