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John Carmack on why the egalitarian App Store is the model for all games distribution

It's just a matter of time
John Carmack on why the egalitarian App Store is the model for all games distribution

When you've been behind some of the most iconic gaming franchises, you're rewarded with a certain amount of attention when you speak out even what you're saying has been accepted by large portions of your peers.

To that length, id Software co-founder John Carmack's assertion that the level playing field represented by the Apple App Store will soon become adopted by other platforms might not be revolutionary, but it's certainly relevant.


"Clearly, packaged goods sales are still critical on the big platforms at this stage, but that's all going to go away sooner or later," Carmack said in an interview with The Telegraph, speaking in the context of id's recently release iPhone and iPad game, Rage.

"You know, I really, really like the App Store platform as far as being able to remove obstacles to getting your product out," he added.

"You don't have to cut deals with publishers. It's almost completely egalitarian on there. It's great to see all the small teams that wind up making these breakout hit games for the Apple devices."

Customer care

Carmack believes it's the interaction with consumers the App Store affords that gives developers a real advantage.

Publishers and retailers are, essentially, taken out of the equation.

"The fact is; on this platform, we can go ahead and deal with fifteen-a-day feedback on there and directly interact with the consumers, make changes and get things out," he added.

"It is the wave of the future for everything. Everybody knows that eventually will be digital distribution like this it's only a question of time. This is the model of the future."

[source: The Telegraph]