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Kabam trims its sails with further San Francisco redundancies

Mindful of costs
Kabam trims its sails with further San Francisco redundancies

US developer Kabam continues to tweak operations as it hones the potential of its future games and 'less is more' philosophy.

Following significant cutbacks at its San Francisco studio (aka Kabam RPG, which has worked on several unsuccessful projects) six months ago, there have been further redundancies.

Numbers haven't been announced but Kabam commented to Gamasutra that:

"We have made the difficult decision to reduce the size of our San Francisco-based studio.

"While we are making several large investments in a new slate of games in multiple locations, we must also be mindful of costs.

Big costs

"We are extremely grateful to all the employees who have contributed to the longstanding history of Kabam’s San Francisco studio.

"This hard but essential decision allows us to stay focused on our mission to create the world’s favorite massively multiplayer free-to-play games."

The move follows an opinion piece from CEO Kevin Chou that said the company was on average spending $14 million pre-launch on its games.

With studios in Beijing, Vancouver and San Francisco, Kabam currently has a game based on the forthcoming Avatar movie, amongst others in development for launch in 2017.