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Expanding to games not using its SDK, Kamcord goes big for YouTubers

First land grab is Clash of Clans
Expanding to games not using its SDK, Kamcord goes big for YouTubers
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Mobile gameplay sharing network Kamcord has opened its doors to YouTube influencers.

The Kamcord Creators Program (KCP) will now allow YouTubers to upload edited gameplay from games using Kamcord directly to the platform.

Interested YouTubers can apply to the program by emailing

Building bridges

Like Unity's Everyplay, Kamcord is effectively a non-streaming version of Twitch purely for mobile platforms.

Game developers can integrate Kamcord's technology into their games using the network's free SDK, thus expanding their community through promotion from Kamcord’s 180 million registered devices.

"Initially we thought developers would be concerned that edited content would distract users from the gameplay,” said Aditya Rathnam, co-founder of Kamcord.

“To our surprise, developers were actually extremely enthusiastic. It turns out they were looking for an avenue to build closer relationships with YouTube influencers and bring content with lots of production value into their games.”

While initially this has been rolled out for games with Kamcord’s SDK, the company is also piloting the scheme for games without it, including Supercell's Clash of Clans