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Kiip claims its new reward video ads generate 77% view-through rates and up to $30 CPM

A new way to view
Kiip claims its new reward video ads generate 77% view-through rates and up to $30 CPM

Mobile advertising platform Kiip is rolling out its version of video ads.

Based around rewarding users in games and apps after they have achieved something significant, Kiip Rewarded Videos are only presented when a player has say, levelled up or beaten a high score.

Combined with this timing, the option to watch a 15-30 second video is rewarded either by a digital coupon or virtual currency.

For example, players of first-person zombie game Into the Dead got free in-game currency when they watched a video promoting the Season 4 premiere of zombie drama The Walking Dead.

Competitive advantage

According to Kiip, the early results from its beta generated view-through rates of 77 percent with developers seeing CPMs as high as $30, compared to an industry average of $8.

"Video is a powerful mechanism that provides a win-win-win situation for ourselves, our players, and advertisers," said Mario Wynands, MD of Into the Dead developer PikPok.

"By bringing highly targeted and relevant branded video into our games, Kiip provides market leading returns for our titles."

<em>The Walking Dead</em>  video ad serviced within <em>Into The Dead</em>
The Walking Dead  video ad serviced within Into The Dead

Kiip also points out that the way its platform works massively reduces the issue of bots generating fraudulent video views; something that's becoming a wider issue for video advertisers.

"We built a mobile video product that differs from what we saw across the industry. It respects users and gives them the choice to engage with the video," said Kiip CEO Brian Wong.

"Brands can reach mobile users during moments of happiness, when users are most receptive to brand messaging, instead of with impressions that lack the context necessary for meaningful engagement on mobile."