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Kim Meltzer joins Mobile Global Esports Inc

A veteran of the industry, Kim Meltzer, who has worked directly and indirectly in esports for more than ten years, has joined Mobile Global Esports Inc
Kim Meltzer joins Mobile Global Esports Inc

Kim Meltzer, a veteran of the esports industry and the CEO of Destination Esports, has joined Mobile Global Esports Inc (MOGO) as a managing director.

MOGO states that their aim is to promote esports in the Indian and South-East Asian market, specifically appealing to a university-based esports audience. Meltzer, meanwhile, has been working in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, with at least 10 of those being solely dedicated to the esports industry. She’s been heavily involved in the Esports Awards, Rocket League Championship Series, TwitchCon and other major events.

Commenting on her appointment, CEO of MOGO, David Pross said, “Kim’s experience and relationships with top-tier esports brands and sponsors represents a significant addition to our Mobile Global Esports operations team. Her ideas and drive are innovative and invigorating and her esports relationships world-wide will prove vital to the future of the MOGO family.”

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Meltzer meanwhile is looking forward to bringing her experience in major events and esports into India and South-East Asia. “Our strategy is to bring value back to the gamer while producing top-tier events that speak to the needs of the global esports industry, as well as bringing Indian and south Asian gamers into the worldwide competitive esports universe,” she said. The mobile gaming scene in India has been growing massively in recent years and given the difficulties faced by massive markets such as China it wouldn’t be surprising if India becomes the premier mobile gaming space in the near future.

Meltzer’s move to mobile esports is significant, coming from a significant presence in the global esports scene. We can easily draw the conclusion that Meltzer’s appointment indicates a belief in mobile on her part and an investment by Mobile Global Esports is pushing the mobile esports scene further into the mainstream.

Given that mobile has become a major market overall, with more popular free to play and multiplayer games, such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite reaching competitive popularity, it’s no surprise that mobile may become the new major esports scene worldwide.

The growth of esports has been noted and capitalised on in many countries across the world, including in Saudi Arabia which has been attempting to push for a much larger gaming industry within the country itself. We recently had the opportunity to interview Nasser Alkathari and Asma Altuwaijri, two prominent players in the push for esports within the country, about how their region has been integrating esports.