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Kuato Studios adds free Aladdin book to Disney Story Realms

To ensure all children have access to books
Kuato Studios adds free Aladdin book to Disney Story Realms
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Edtech games firm Kuato Studios has added a free Aladdin storybook to its Disney Story Realms app.

Targeted at children aged four-to-nine, the new activity-filled interactive experience is the 11th story on offer. It joins the likes of Toy Story 4, Frozen, Moana and The Lion King.

The game sees Aladdin and Princess Jasmine become playable characters in the land of Agrabah.

It features a range of activities, such as puzzles, to encourage problem-solving, memory development, coordination and increased attention.

Research for World Book Day confirmed that 40 per cent of children read to relax, while it makes 35 per cent happy. Unfortunately, 40 per cent of children are in a situation where they cannot bring books home.

As such, Kuato Studios has made Aladdin free to give all children the opportunity to read, regardless of social stance, meaning kids from disadvantaged families get an equal chance.

A whole new world

“As a father, I’m well aware of the unrest that families across the UK have faced for the past year,” said Kuato Studios managing director Mark Horneff.

“Schools have been opened and closed repeatedly, which has meant challenging circumstances all around, and no educational setup would have been the same from house to house or school to school.

“While schools are again open now, restrictions are still in place. Knowing that all children learn differently and have varying personal situations, whether they’re in the classroom or at home, we’ve made the arrival of Aladdin free to give kids a chance to have an engaging experience that mixes education and entertainment with characters they know and love already.”

Kuato first launched the Disney Story Realms app in 2019 through a collaboration with Disney.