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Kwalee joins The Digital Big Indie Pitch 2020 season as diamond sponsors

We are proud to have Kwalee as one of our 2020 season sponsors
Kwalee joins The Digital Big Indie Pitch 2020 season as diamond sponsors

2020 is proving to be an extraordinarily unpredictable year. Normally we would be on the road showcasing some of the best indies from all around the globe. However, given the global instability, we thought that now it was even more important than ever to give all the amazing indie developers from around the world the opportunity to showcase their latest titles to the world.

As such, in order to continue with our mission, we've taken The Big Indie Pitch into the digital web space, with our digital Big Indie Pitches launching in April as a part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1. These pitches ended up being so well supported by the indie community that in order to meet the demand we've now decided to not only host these digital pitches at our Pocket Gamer Gamer Connects conferences, but also independently on a monthly basis.

These pitches haven't just been supported by our indie community though, as we have seen a wave of our regular judges and sponsors take part in order to discover and support the indie community. One of these sponsors is our regular supporters Kwalee, one of the world's leading hyper-casual publishers and close friends of the pitch.

With 370+ million downloads and 19 number one games, Kwalee has proven themselves to be experts in hyper-casual publishing. Not only that, but they also provide key development advice to those studios they work with.

And now they have decided one pitch wasn't enough, and have joined our 2020 digital Big Indie Pitches as diamond season sponsors. Not only are we incredibly happy and honoured to have Kwalee as one of our diamond season sponsors, but we're also excited to give our pitching developers the chance to meet such an amazing publisher.

Speaking to PocketGamer.Biz about the sponsorship, Head of Publishing Simon Prytherch said,

"Kwalee is proud to be sponsoring the Big Indie Pitch. We've loved being a part of this previously and see our sponsorship in 2020 as being the perfect opportunity to continue to contribute to the grassroots of indie game development and help to encourage the ongoing creation of great games. Judging in the Big Indie Pitch has always been a conference highlight of mine, as all of the ideas on the show get me excited about the future of gaming and I am pleased Kwalee is going to be playing an even bigger role in it this year."

Obviously we're extremely pleased too, as it means even more support for the indie community, and with it more opportunities to highlight some of the most exciting games in development.

Want to show off your exciting new game? We host Big Indie Pitch events throughout the year, so be sure to regularly check our upcoming events page here and over on