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Final chance to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015

Bring the learns, we'll bring the crowd
Final chance to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015

We're down to the last few speaker slots for our forthcoming PG Connects Helsinki conference.

We've already got some of the brightest, most interesting, and most engaging individuals (see here) - anyone fitting that bill, whether from the biggest publisher or the smallest indie, gets a shot at the limelight - but there's just room for a handful more.

If that's you, come join us. Speaker submissions are still open. 

We're returning to Finland bigger and better following last year's inaugural Pocket Gamer Connects and we have representatives from Vlambeer, Seriously, Boomlagoon, Google, Nordeus, Creative Mobile, Frogmind, Electronic Arts, Zen Studios, Pikkukala, Flaregames, PlayRaven, TheCodingMonkeys, Everywear Games, Chorus Worldwide, Gamevil, Digon Games, Wooga, and more already unveiled.

Let us know
Interested but unsure of the topics we’re looking to cover?

Here’s a quick overview of the tracks to help potential candidates:

  • The Finnovators - We’ll be hearing from the boldest, bravest game developers from the world’s greatest mobile gaming scene.
  • Indie Inspiration - We’re looking to discover the stories and secrets to success from the finest indie developers in the mobile gaming world.
  • East Meets West - We’ll be discussing the major issues that affect all of the mobile gaming world and the challenges facing developers in the biggest territories.
  • Acquire, Engage, Monetise - Our game marketing track will focus on the latest trends in user acquisition, engagement, and monetisation.
  • The Bonus Level - From KLM’s first mobile game to the legal challenges facing game developers, the Bonus Level track is the place to discover all sorts of secret extras.

Can you contribute your expertise to any of the above?

Submit your talk today and join the Pocket Gamer Connects Speakers elite.


Get involved

Like the idea of PG Connects Helsinki and want to get in on the act? There are three principal ways to get involved:

  1. If you’re interested in talking at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015 simply head over to our speaker submission form and pitch us your idea (please note: applications close on Friday July 10).
  2. If you’re thinking of sponsoring the world’s leading dedicated mobile games conference, our head of sales Lisa Bisset will be happy to discuss packages with you.
  3. And if you’re just looking to come along, you'll find discounted Mid Term tickets still available.

We’re already looking forward to spending September in Helsinki with hundreds of industry experts in mobile gaming's heartland - come join us!