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Lenovo forms new division focused on tablets and smartphones

Getting back in the mobile game
Lenovo forms new division focused on tablets and smartphones

Chinese computer firm Lenovo has revealed it's forming a new division focused on the development of mobile devices and tablets.

The firm, which is the world's fourth largest PC maker, claims the division is a reaction to increasing consumer desire for portable, web-connected devices a space it feels it's adequately equipped to exploit.

Tablet timesChief executive Yang Yuanqing is quoted as saying that the "tremendous growth potential of the mobile internet" will fuel strong demand for smartphones and tablets alike in the coming years, providing Lenovo with an opportunity to capitalise on this fresh revenue stream.

The unit will also cover televisions as well as devices for cloud computing, and be lead by current product group head Liu Jun.


Lenovo's first tablet release will be the LePad, which is due in China during Q1 2011.

In an interesting move, LePad on its own is set to run Android. However, when slotted into a keyboard dock, the combined device dubbed the IdeaPad U1 by Lenovo  will also run Windows 7.

A release in the US and Europe has neither been confirmed or denied, with the company remaining vague regarding its plans post launch.

Nonetheless, as TechCrunch points out, the formation of the new division represents something of an about turn for Lenovo, which previously sold its mobile business to investors in 2008, only to buy it back again the following year.

[source: AFB]