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Life after esports and growing your games business - FREE online panel sessions

The KAST Sessions in association with PGC Digital, 18th & 19th March
Life after esports and growing your games business - FREE online panel sessions

It's our pleasure to announce the first KAST Sessions in association with PGC Digital.

The world's biggest games and tech conferences may not be happening this month, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on valuable advice from industry leaders. Covering esports and business development, these two online panels bring leading speakers and panelists direct to your screen.

11:00am PST, Wedneday March 18th

Life After Esports

Thousands of gamers are battling to be at the top of the competitive esports rankings, but what happens when the games are over and you want to turn your gaming career into a professional one?

Our panelists have been top players in the esports field and have turned their winning gaming experience into successful companies. Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, Justin Weissberg and Jeff Chau will share their experiences in going from top gamers to top business executives with our audience. They will offer insight into their journey and how others can make that transition.


  • Kast: Justin Weissberg, Co-founder, Chairman & President
  • FATAL1TY: Johnathan Wendel, Founder and CEO
  • GameGether: Jeff Chau, CEO & Founder
  • Allied Esports: Melissa Bowden, Business development

11:00am PST, Thursday March 19

Game Development Business: Grow Or Hire?

With the many challenges facing startup founders, the choice between building an in-house development studio versus hiring an outsourced team is a difficult one, but it's a core decision when creating your studio. Whether you’re a first-time indie start-up or an experienced veteran, you want to build your game fast, keep the quality high, and the costs low.

It’s hard to recommend one approach for all cases, as every project has its own requirements and factors to consider. In this panel, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of these two approaches to game development and some give some advice on which direction could be right for you.


  • Mobile Game Doctor: Dave Rohrl, Owner
  • Gameshastra: Matt Scibilia, Executive Producer
  • Games for Change Accelerator (G4CA): Margaret Wallace, General Manager
  • XP Consulting: Jamil Moledina, Principal

Expert insight, free and online

Access to view both online panels of leading experts is completely free - but you will need to register in advance.

About the organisers

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