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Love Island The Game 2 is now Fusebox Games’ most successful launch

Seeing high retention rates
Love Island The Game 2 is now Fusebox Games’ most successful launch
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Love Island The Game 2, having built on the success of the franchise, is Fusebox Games’ most successful launch yet.

Based on the television series Love Island, the game has entered towards the top of the UK App Store charts for RPGs and has seen high retention, up by 1.5 times when compared to Love Island Series 3, the previous entry.

Titles by Fusebox Games have been played by more than 25 million people worldwide, and the Love Island The Game series accounts for 20 million of those instals.

With sales of virtual clothes in these games having come to more than $10 million, customisation options have expanded in Love Island The Game 2 with a dedicated area where players can customise characters for different occasions.

Love on the island

"Fans have been waiting a long time for our next Love Island title and we’re delighted to be offering them a brand new and improved experience," said Fusebox Games founder and CEO Wil Stephens.

"We know that our players love the Love Island narratives and with so many new features for them to enjoy, we can’t wait to see them continue to engage with the latest storylines."

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