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Updated: Machine Zone spins out big data tech RTplatform as separate division

What Gabe Leydon did next
Updated: Machine Zone spins out big data tech RTplatform as separate division

Updated: We've been asked to point out that RTplatform is a separate division within Machine Zone, not a separate company, as we first stated. 

Although best known for the advertising around its top grossing games Game of War and Mobile Strike, US developer Machine Zone has always had a strong focus on the technology - especially the multi-language chat - underpinning them.

And that's been highlighted with the news that it's now licensing out its new cloud infrastructure, and spinning out a separate division in the process.

According to the company's job listings, its development is taking place both at Machine Zone's US HQ and its Russian studios. 

Big data

Called RTplatform, CEO Gabe Leydon called it, a "massive platform for doing high-fanout data processing".

Talking at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit, he went onto say, "We hope to do many-to-many applications. This is an infrastructure that allows you to do some extremely large things in real time at scale."

Indeed, claiming that the technology the company uses for 2012's Game of War can handle more than one million concurrent players, Leydon said RTplatform was "100 times bigger than that".

Interestingly, he thinks potential clients will range from game companies to financial services and government institutions.

We have always considered MZ a technology company.

"We have always considered MZ a technology company," Leydon added.

Machine Zone - which was #1 in our Top 50 Developer list for 2016 - is also rebranding itself as MZ.

"No other cloud platform has the real-time capability, capacity, or efficiency that we've developed."

You can find out more about RTplatform via its website

[source: Venturebeat]