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Mad Monkey launches its iPhone Chip & Dare gaming competition

Win Alienware laptops or PlayStation 3s
Mad Monkey launches its iPhone Chip & Dare gaming competition
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Off-App Store marketing and discovery is going to be one of the big issues for iPhone developers in 2010, but French outfit Mad Monkey Studio is already testing out a new approach with its Chip & Dare initiative.

With three games released in December and two to four to follow on a monthly basis thereafter, the concept is that players can take part in timed competitions in which they can earn various branded products.

The first games - Basket Ball 2010, Training 2010, and 2010 Beachvolley - are supported with competitions to win an Alienware m17x gaming laptop (worth $2,000) or multiple gaming packs such as a Playstation 3 with Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II, God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 (worth $600 per pack).

The competitions are held over specific time periods with the winner being the player with the highest score at the closing date. The first competition - Training 2010 for an Alienware m17x - ends January 15.

You can find more details from the Chip & Dare website.

The Chip & Dare games are available now, priced £1.99, €1.79 or £1.19.

Free versions of the games are also available, but they won’t allow gamers to enter the competitions.