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How Madden NFL Mobile became EA Mobile's MVP

Anchored to the Super Bowl
How Madden NFL Mobile became EA Mobile's MVP

EA Mobile posted some nice FY16 Q3 financials last week.

Yet because its current star performer Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was released a mere two weeks before the 31 December 2015 quarter closed we haven't seen the impact of the top 20 grossing game on EA Mobile's financials.

Instead, the company pointed to the rise of Madden NFL Mobile - its monthly active player total up almost 50% year-on-year - as being its Most Valuable Game during the period.


This is something of a surprise, given that at the start of summer, the game had slipped out of the US top 100 grossing on Google Play and the iPhone App Store.

Yet, the v2.7 update on 19 August 2015 - coinciding with the new American Football season - changed all that.

On both charts, the game immediately rose back into the US top 20 grossing for iPhone and top 50 on Google Play.

Indeed, it's clear to see the rise in August 2015 is much sharper and higher than the rise that happened 12 months ago. 

Even in a secondary market such as UK, the update - combined with the Super Bowl - has been enough to see the game peaking within the top 50.

Aside from the US, there are two other big markets for the game - Canada and Mexico.

The game's performance in Mexico is much more volatile on the iPhone top grossing chart than the US.

The Canadian performance is more like the US, although the game hasn't charted as high.

What's also interesting to note about Madden NFL Mobile's performance over the past six months is how EA Mobile kicked into a bi-monthly update cycle in September, October and November, plus what it called its "biggest update of the year" on 1 February.

Indeed, given that operational planning, the Super Bowl itself didn't have much of an impact to a game already riding high in the charts - at least in the US.

On Google Play

All these trends can clearly been seen in the Google Play grossing chart.

The US is the best market, with Canada and Mexico operating at a similar level, and the UK around 100 positions lower.

Of course, with the season now ended, it will be interesting to see if EA can do anything to stop the game's seasonal decline during the off-season.

In some regards, this won't matter too much financially to the company, though, as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes continues to be a top 20 grossing game.