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MagentaGaming cloud service is shutting down next month

More than two years since launch
MagentaGaming cloud service is shutting down next month

German telco Deutsche Telekom has revealed that it will discontinue its cloud gaming service, MagentaGaming, on February 26 2022.

Since its launch two and a half years ago, MagentaGaming has been used as a service to facilitate the streaming of cloud games. The service offered over 120 games across multiple devices, including Garfield Kart, Gravel, and Ghostrunner.

MagentaGaming has operated across a range of devices, including mobile, with features including multiplayer functionality and achievements.

Streaming service swansong

For this final month of service, MagentaGaming operators have said that they will not be charging customers. The storefront was closed earlier this week, but for now, customers can continue to play games they previously purchased.

Deutsche Telekom announced the news on January 25, however, the reason why the cloud service is shutting down has not yet been disclosed. 

In similar news, Kabam recently announced that Marvel Realm of Champions will be taken offline on March 31 2022.