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Magic Leap One Creator Edition launches with $2,295 price tag

Only available in select US cities however
Magic Leap One Creator Edition launches with $2,295 price tag
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Multi-billion dollar mixed reality start-up Magic Leap has launched the One Creator Edition headset with a price tag of $2,295.

Developers who fork out will get the Lightwear headset, lightpack computing pack, controller, a Fit Kit, chargers and a quick start guide, as well as an optional fabric strap for the lightpack.

Only limited quantities are available at present in the US in select cities however

It's finally here

Magic Leap One Creator Edition runs on LuminOS. Developers can get to grips with the tech by using the ‘Magic Kit’, which contains sample code, tech write-ups and design diaries about spatial computing.

The headset comes with a number of applications from the off, including the Helio web browser specifically design to offer a spatial web experience in the 3D space.

The Screens video player meanwhile lets users place multiple displays around them, and users can also create avatars and use a social application to connect with others.

No mention has been made of when a consumer version of the headset might be made available for the mass market audience Magic Leap hopes to reach.

Prior to the launch of the One Creator Edition headset Magic Leap has raised $2.3 billion. The Florida company is said to be valued somewhere in the region of $6 billion.