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Finnish studio Mainframe Industries raises $8.1 million for cloud gaming

"We are starting from the ground up"
Finnish studio Mainframe Industries raises $8.1 million for cloud gaming
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 20, 2020 investment Mainframe Industries $8.1m
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Finland-based studio Mainframe Industries has raised €7.6 million ($8.1 million) to further develop its cloud gaming technology.

Andressen Horowitz led the Series A round of funding alongside Play Ventures,, Sisu Game Ventures Crowberry Capital and Riot Games who all contributed.

Mainframe Industries was founded by former Remedy Entertainment, CCP andNext Games back in April 2019. The studio is working on a currently unannounced MMO which the new funds will go towards.

Mobile, PC and console

"We are starting from the ground up with no legacy to constrain us, across mobile, PC or console," Mainframe Industries CEO Thor Gunnarsson told GamesBeat.

"There are so many different aspects of being cloud-native that we can benefit from. The player population and simultaneous player counts are one benefit. But we see other aspects of being able to develop for a single runtime targeted in the cloud, giving us the potential to access faster, greater storage for the game, allowing us to basically create a much more vibrant and detailed world."

Los Angelos-based Robin Games recently raised $7 million to bring mobile gaming to an 'underserved women audience'.

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