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Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse announces new title, Bleach: Soul Resonance

The publisher will be tackling another major IP, this time from anime
Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse announces new title, Bleach: Soul Resonance

Nuverse, publishers behind Second Dinner’s smash-hit card game Marvel Snap, are set to tackle a new IP with Bleach: Soul Resonance.

Based on the long-running Shonen Jump manga series by Tite Kubo, Bleach: Soul Resonance is presented as a 3D action game with a heavy emphasis on swordplay. The manga was one of Shonen Jump’s major series during its run from 2001 to 2016, and saw a recent return to prominence with the airing of a new anime based on the Thousand Year Blood War arc.

Nuverse of course needs little introduction after they made a big splash publishing Second Dinner’s award-winning CCG Marvel Snap. It’s not the first time they’ve tackled an anime or manga series, however expectations are much higher after the success of Marvel Snap.

As with other games from manga and anime franchises that Nuverse has published in the past, such as One Piece: Blood Routes, a heavy emphasis is being placed on graphics. “The game incorporates high-quality reimagined art through the cel shading rendered graphics, which highlight details and the texture of light and shadow. The development team uses particles and models to create incredible graphics while ensuring a realistic, streamlined view. Through a modern UI design, the colour tones perfectly match the franchise's style of large coloured blocks, with graphics that look modern and streamlined and are paired with animated effects to create alluring visuals.”

Back to business as usual?

Nuverse has previously emphasised their handling of various famous IP, such as the aforementioned One Piece and the slightly more niche but still well-known Command & Conquer spin-off Red Alert. Marvel Snap proved to be a major smash hit with not only commercial but critical success too, but while Nuverse is set to soon tackle a new original IP with Dragonheir: Silent Gods, the company doesn’t look set to cast aside its stable of famous gaming, anime and manga IP anytime soon.

Some may wonder if it’s a case of playing it safe, however we can also see a gradual shift towards 3D action games for many anime and manga franchises. With most having previously been relegated to gacha or 2D titles, Nuverse emphasises that this latest game will follow on from One Piece: Blood Routes in being a full fledged 3D title akin to something players would find on console.