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Marvel Snap surpasses 30 million downloads

The game hit the milestone less than three months after its launch
Marvel Snap surpasses 30 million downloads
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Collectible card game Marvel Snap has surpassed 30 million downloads in just two and a half months, with an average of 400 thousand downloads a day across PC, Android, and iOS markets, reports Mobidictum.

Marvel Snap has quickly become a juggernaut among mobile games, and won the best mobile game award at the 2022 Game Awards in December.

Card games have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, with popular franchises such as Yu-Gi-Oh and World of Warcraft topping the mobile charts with games such as Hearthstone and Duel Links.

However, Marvel remains one of the world’s biggest multimedia entertainment franchises in history and, while downloads may fall short of competitors (Appmagic reports that Duel Links and Hearthstone have been downloaded over 50 million times in their lifetimes), Marvel Snap has seen a meteoric rise to prominence, with Appmagic listing it as both the top free and top grossing collectible card game over the last year.

Outside of the CCG genre, Marvel Snap has also seen massive success in terms of superhero games. Appmagic lists the game as the second-highest-grossing superhero game of the last year, behind only Marvel Contest of Champions, and number three on the free charts, behind Talking Tom Hero Dash and Miami Rope Hero Spider Games.

What’s next for Marvel Snap?

Despite its initial success, developer Second Dinner are actively developing new features and updates for Marvel Snap. The game will soon increase its market reach with Russian and Vietnamese language supports, as well as release a new battle mode. Other competitive modes, as well as a new unranked mode, are also in development alongside other features, while new events and features are currently in concept.

Despite the massive success the game has seen in terms of downloads already, industry expert Matej Lancaric stated in November that the game can drastically improve its user acquisition strategy to increase its scale.