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Maxime Béland resigns from VP role at Ubisoft after sexual misconduct allegations

One of several employees to be accused
Maxime Béland resigns from VP role at Ubisoft after sexual misconduct allegations
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Ubisoft editorial vice president Maxime Béland has resigned with an immediate effect due to sexual misconduct allegations.

As reported by VGC, despite his departure, the French publisher will continue to investigate all abuse complaints against Béland. The former VP is one of several Ubisoft employees to be accused of sexual misconduct. Another editorial exec, Tommy François, also faces allegations.

Company CEO Yves Guillemot has responded to the recent harassment complaints; he claimed that "these actions are in total contradiction with our values and with what I want for Ubisoft."

Furthermore, Guillemot has laid out new plans for the publishing firm to create a safer environment and culture for its employees. To ensure no one feels "harassed or disrespected at work," changes will be made to HR processes and managers will be more accountable for their staff members.

Not only that, but the CEO has also appointed Lidwine Sauer as the new head of workplace culture, she will oversee the alterations.

An industry issue

In recent weeks, the #MeToo movement has taken the internet by storm, as it shone a light on a significant problem that is seen in the game industry. Many allegations have been made - most of which are against men with Ubisoft being the most liable company.

However, US publishing firm Electronic Arts has made its stance clear. The company has made a promise to its employees to take all reported sexual abuse and misconduct seriously. Meanwhile, streaming platform Twitch has insisted all streamers found guilty of such harassment will receive lifetime bans.