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Microsoft and link up to boost dev support for Nokia X

New app monetisation ideas for Android devs
Microsoft and link up to boost dev support for Nokia X

In a bid to generate support for its new Android fork Nokia X, Microsoft has linked up with advertising exchange platform to launch a new developer competition for the OS.

The new competition forms part of Microsoft's existing DVLUP program, which encourages developers to build and monetise their Windows Phone, Asha and Nokia X applications through a gamification model that rewards various completed challenges and achievements on the creative side of the development fence.

The Vserv partnership brings the firm's AppWrapper and cross-platform SDK marketing solutions into the Nokia X fold, with Microsoft claiming it adds to the “monetisation opportunities for developers” looking to work on its budget-led Android platform.

Partner power

", with whom we have a long standing collaboration, bring their AppWrapper and SDK’s advanced capabilities that will help our developer community fast-track monetization, driving higher earnings and rewards," said Microsoft UK's developer outreach manager Riaz Ahmed of the partnership.


Called the 'Maximize App Revenue DVLUP challenge', the scheme awards participating developers with 300 experience points (a commodity built into DVLUP that act much like in-game achievements) and a $100 incentive for making use of's suite of monetisation tools.

"Through this collaboration, we will continue to work with Microsoft to promote and energise the innovation efforts of the mobile developer ecosystem through our comprehensive global app monetisation solutions,” explains David Yin, general manager of global developer alliances at

For more info on this latest challenge and the DVLUP program in general, check out the official website.