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Microsoft is testing 1080p resolution for xCloud

Project xCloud will come to iOS via web browsers
Microsoft is testing 1080p resolution for xCloud
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Microsoft has begun testing 1080p resolution for its xCloud games service.

As reported by Windows Central, should Microsoft upgrade xCloud from its current 720p resolution, it would be on par with the likes of Google Stadia.

The publication was sent screenshots from the "Xbox streaming test tools for developers" from trusted sources, demonstrating the difference between the current and potential resolutions.

It is said that Microsoft wants to upgrade its cloud servers from that of the Xbox One to the Series X, making better visuals possible for mobile devices.

In the clouds

XCloud allows Android users to play top-end triple-A titles on their phones via Xbox Game Pass.

The service was fully launched in September 2019. However, it is reserved for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

However, despite the issues it has faced with getting the cloud gaming service on iOS, it could happen soon as the company sought a web-based alternative to the App Store.

Recently, Microsoft started to test xCloud streaming via browsers, with a public trial to happen further down the line.