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Mighty Bear Games is swapping blockchain platforms days before new game launch

Mighty Action Heroes to release in open beta on Arbitrum
Mighty Bear Games is swapping blockchain platforms days before new game launch
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Ahead of the open beta, Mighty Bear Games has announced a partnership with Treasure, the Web3 gaming marketplace, to swap Mighty Action Heroes onto the Arbitrum blockchain.

The multi-platform development studio announced a $10 million funding round last July to launch Web3 games, and now, the battle royale title Mighty Action Heroes is almost here.

Mighty decisions

Based in Singapore, the team is comprised of King, Ubisoft, Disney, Lucasarts and Gameloft veterans. Mighty Bear Games is also the studio behind Apple Arcade’s Butter Royale, which clearly shares some tech with the new title.

The company has been allowing holders of the Genesis Pass and Big Bear Syndicate NFTs access to Mighty Action Heroes earlier, but no one else has played yet, and while the game was previously on the Polygon blockchain, it has moved to Arbitrum days before its 13 July public release date.

The open beta itself will feature eight new heroes, a crafting system, varying rewards via crates and, of course, tradable in-game items. Being on the Arbitrum blockchain, Mighty Action Heroes will become a part of Treasure’s ecosystem and its Magic token.

Mighty Bear Games CEO Simon Davis told GamesBeat that the change was decided on due to Arbitrum’s "responsiveness, openness, speed, and low fees".

He added: "We had early conversations with David at Arbitrum and the founders at Treasure and it very quickly became clear that they fully understood what we were trying to achieve (they’d all played the game which is more unusual than you’d think). We had a shared vision, and they were partners we knew we could rely upon.

"Ultimately, as a player-first studio, our main goal is to build an enjoyable game that is accessible to everyone."

On our sister site, we spoke with Davis about recruiting, fundraising, and fighting for your right not to eat Hawaiian pizza.

Interestingly, Sega has indicated that it is cooling off on blockchain gaming after its Rovio acquisition.