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Miitomo set to generate $1 million in April 2016

So reckons SurveyMonkey
Miitomo set to generate $1 million in April 2016

Initial reactions to Miitomo have been mixedsince its 31 March launch, but SurveyMonkey's new data service - which we have to say remains unproven in its accuracy compared to market leaders such as App Annie - reckons it's off to a good start. .

It states that the game gained 2.6 million downloads in its first week, averaging 370,000 installs per day. 

Two thirds of these are on iOS devices, as are 80% of in-app purchases.

Strong start

Miitomo's monthly active user count is estimated to sit at around 4 million - although technically it's only been available for two weeks - as well as boasting 1 million DAUs.

SurveyMonkey also reports that the average user spends a total of 7-8 minutes in Miitomo per day, across 2-3 sessions.

But the biggest question mark has been over monetisation, especially given Nintendo's purely cosmetic approach to IAPs. However, if SurveyMonkey's estimates are to be believed, users are spending at a healthy rate.

Estimating an ARPDAU of 3-4 cents - not enormous, but good considering the nature of the app - and a combined revenue of $40,000 per day across iOS and Android, SurveyMonkey certainly believes that Miitomo is off to a flyer.

Scaled up, this would mean monthly revenue over $1 million.

However, it's worth noting that nobody can know at this stage whether Miitomo will succeed in retaining its audience over any significant length of time.

More generally, most games make 50% of their lifetime revenue in the first month.

You can read the full report on the SurveyMonkey website.