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Nintendo opens rewarded pre-registration program for Miitomo

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Nintendo opens rewarded pre-registration program for Miitomo
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Although the anticipation of Nintendo first mobile 'game' Miitomo is mutedcompared to the following 'big IP game', everyone is at least interested.

And Nintendo is trying to stoke that interest with the availability of a pre-registration service.

Now open, you can sign up to get an alert when Miitomo will launch (sometime in March).

As well as that notification, you'll get some Platinum Points for the new My Nintendo reward program which launches alongside Miitomo.

Say hi!

Using its new term, Nintendo describes Miitomo as a "free-to-start social experience that uses Nintendo's Mii characters and lets you spark conversations with your friends in a whole new way".

Populated with friends from Facebook, Twitter or manually, your Mii will act as an avatar that comes pre-loaded with quirky personal facts you create for it by answering questions.

As well as this activity within Miitomo, Nintendo hopes people will share their Mii's and the new customisation and interaction features on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For more information about Nintendo Account and Miitomo, visit