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Flurry says the number of mobile game sessions declined in 2015

Where now for growth?
Flurry says the number of mobile game sessions declined in 2015
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Mobile analytics outfit Flurry has released its growth figures for 2015.

And for personalisation apps, news & magazine apps, utilities & productivity, lifestyle & shopping etc, it was a great year.

Average growth in usage - measured in terms of number of sessions - was 58 percent.

Even music, media and entertainment usage grew 21 percent, while mobile game usage declined by 1 percent.

Peak gaming?

To some extent, this makes sense as gaming has lead mobile growth in previous years, and, at least in terms of handset numbers - Flurry tracks 2.1 billion devices - the market is mature.

It's also worth considering that 2015's figures are being compared to 2014 - a year that saw games such as Candy Crush Saga becoming global phenomena.

During 2014, Flurry measured a 30 percent growth in game usage

In addition, Flurry's tracking usage, not market value, so this isn't to say that the mobile game sector is going into financial decline.

However, it is a warning that growth is now unlikely to come from more people playing more games.

The number of people playing mobile games and the amount of time they spend playing them has now plateaued - certainly in markets such as Europe, North America, Japan and Korea.

[source: Flurry]