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Mobile search on the increase according to comScore M:Metrics

Overall data mobile online activity also climbing, according to research
Mobile search on the increase according to comScore M:Metrics

comScore M:Metrics has released a report showing 20.8 million US and 4.5 million European mobile users accessed search during June 2008; an increase of 68 and 38 per cent, respectively. The UK had the highest penetration of mobile subscribers using search at 9.5 per cent, followed closely by the US at 9.2 per cent.

While Google is proving to be the favoured mobile search engine, just as it is with desktop and computer based internet access, the findings bode well for game publishers with their own WAP optimised sites. With more people using their mobile phones to search online, it follows that people will also be looking to grab their latest games and applications directly using their handsets.

"It is interesting to note that as we see the number of mobile search users increase, the frequency of activity is also growing," says Alistair Hill, analyst at comScore. "The number of people accessing mobile search at least once a week grew 50 per cent in Europe, with France and Spain leading at a rate of 69 and 63 per cent, respectively.

"Meanwhile, the number of US users accessing mobile search has more than doubled as a result of expanded 3G penetration and smartphone adoption, as well as the proliferation of flat-rate data plans. We have also seen a substantial improvement to the mobile search offerings in the US market."

Hill makes a good point regarding data plans and better mobile technology for browsing and searching. Considering the unlimited data plan that's coupled to all UK iPhone contracts, alongside the easy and effective browsing experience the handset provides, it seems the internet is finally going mobile.