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Monetize, Retain, Acquire track schedule for PG Connects Vancouver 2016 revealed

Join us on June 28th for some of the best advice you'll hear this year
Monetize, Retain, Acquire track schedule for PG Connects Vancouver 2016 revealed
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You want to work out how to make a more comfortable living from your mobile game creations?

You want to know how to keep the gamers you do have engaged? And you want to discover how to get more players on board?

You're asking all the right questions. But are you getting the right answers?

On Day 1 of PGC Vancouver you will. Because our Monetize, Retain, Acquire speakers will give you the expert lowdown via sessions, panels, and case studies.

Whether it's

- to name but a few! - you can rely on their knowledge and wisdom to guide you towards a more successful app store existence.

And that's just the start: we have another six tracks to unveil. Expect those to be detailed very soon, but in the meantime you can get a nifty breakdown of what's in store below.

Oh, and perhaps ensure you're in the audience: Mid Term tickets are running out.

 In a nutshell

  • East Meets West: Going Global – includes insight into trends in Asia, LatAm, and emerging markets, as well as a focus on eSports and, of course, brands
  • Indie Futures – get the lowdown on the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to thrive in today's mobile games market
  • Monetize, Retain, Acquire – how to establish a model that will keep your players returning and spending before you have to dish out the UA dollars
  • Mobile Games University – carefully curated curriculum very much focused on practical advice on how to succeed as a mobile games developer
  • Show Me The Money – how to locate and select the investment avenue that could transform your business
  • Future Visions – from pinpointing the real size of the VR opportunity to deciding what other technologies and trends should be on your radar
  • Made In Vancouver – Coming to Canada means you make time to celebrate the best in gaming from Vancouver and British Columbia

And those are just the main tracks. There's plenty of fringe material to keep everyone going:

  • The Very Big Indie Pitch – massively popular indie developer competition
  • 20/20 SpeedMatch – An exclusive session enabling shortlisted developers and publishers to make initial contact during a dedicated 2-hour stint of speed-date style meetings
  • I Love Indie Showcase – an exlusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers and their games
  • PG Party – come now, no PGC is complete without a little dancing and plenty of schmoozing
  • Bespoke meeting system – our dedicated Pitch & Match system for all registered delegates to use in order to connect during the conference