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Monster Hunter Now boosts Capcom share prices

The AR title is set to be released by Niantic
Monster Hunter Now boosts Capcom share prices
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Capcom stock has continued to rise after breaking records twice in April, partially fuelled by the announcement of Monster Hunter Now.

As noted by HC Games the company’s stock price rose by 9% mid-April after previously breaking their record on April 3. As of May this has continued on an upward trend and shares are now priced at roughly ¥5.18k Japanese yen, up from ¥5.14k in April. Monster Hunter Now, the latest AR title from Niantic was announced in April and seems to have coincided with a boost in the stock price, although other reveals such as more information for the hotly anticipated Street Fighter 6 occurred at the same time.

Capcom has already boasted major releases this year with Resident Evil 4 Remake and the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6. However, Monster Hunter Now has sparked a lot of interest for being another major franchise to be tackled by Niantic, who are of course responsible for the mobile megahit Pokémon Go. The title will bring similar gameplay from the main console entries and combine it with the sort of AR technology that Niantic has become known for.

Mobile leads the way

As we noted in our previous coverage on the game’s announcement, Niantic has never quite hit the highs that its Pokémon title has with subsequent releases. Monster Hunter therefore may represent a potential winner on par with or at least closely following Pokémon Go. Something that would also offer Capcom a larger presence in the mobile gaming sector.

The Monster Hunter franchise has historically been linked with mobile consoles such as the PSP, and the most recent entry Monster Hunter Rise boasted strong sales, although not quite as high as series record setter Monster Hunter World. It's clear that Capcom's presence in mobile with a big name franchise such as Monster Hunter, is reaping the company rewards.