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Music games developer Gismart launches new investment initiative for mobile

Looking to invest $1 million on a case-by-case basis
Music games developer Gismart launches new investment initiative for mobile

Music apps developer Gismart has launched a new investment programme for indie developers within its games publishing division.

The initiative will work on a case-by-case basis, however Gismart will be looking to contribute up to $1 million per studio.

Along with the funding, Gismart will provide partners with expertise in the field across product management, marketing and growth, as well as any administrative and legal matters.

The firm said it's interested in games in the hyper-casual, music, health, entertainment and education sectors.

Invest in world-class talent

“2018 was a year where Gismart experienced significant month-over-month growth in both audience and revenue," said Gismart vice president of marketing and business development Lana Meisak (pictured, main)

"We attribute this growth to the release of new titles, and the overall optimisation of our marketing and partnership strategy.

“We will continue re-investing our profits into product development, partnerships, investments and marketing initiatives - with the ultimate goal of maintaining business growth.”

Gismart CEO Dmitri Lipnitsky said: “Gismart is looking to source and invest in world-class talent and dedicated mobile app development teams.

“The success of a product, from early development through to release and beyond, is dependent on the professionalism, hard work and competence of the teams involved. We make our investment decisions based on an in-depth evaluation of the teams behind the project as well as the project itself.”

Founded in 2013, the independent developer has released numerous titles for mobile including Beat Maker Go, Karaoke Face, Guitar Play and Hello Piano all for mobile.

Recently Gismart’s product manager Vera Rabkina spoke about the future of music in games. We also caught up with the company’s VP of marketing and business development Lana Meisak last month to discuss its successful 2018 and plans for 2019.