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MWC 2011: In-app purchases coming to Android soon

Microsoft also talking about WP7 virtual good platform
MWC 2011: In-app purchases coming to Android soon
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With in-app purchases already included with the Android SDK, it's just a matter of time until Google turns on the system that developers hope - and pray - will make Android games and apps much easier to monetise.

The news on the ground is the switch will be thrown sometime during the next couple of weeks; early March at the latest.

Purchases go live

Of course, many developers have already implemented micro-transactions within their games, and hence can release their content, or update existing games, as soon as Google gives the signal.

As well as smartphones, IAP will provide new business models for the many Android-based tablets set to be launch in the first half of 2011.

But it's not just Android developers who are looking to unlock the power of freemium games and virtual goods. Microsoft is also known to be working on its IAP system for Windows Phone 7, although that's expected to occur on a later timescale.