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MWC 2012: No-compromise Windows 8 will 'scale with users', claims Microsoft

Shouldn't force players to pick between hardware
MWC 2012: No-compromise Windows 8 will 'scale with users', claims Microsoft

Microsoft has criticised the mobile industry for forcing consumers to choose between different forms of hardware, encouraging platform holders to break down barriers between the mobile, tablet and PC markets.

Speaking during the firm's Windows 8 Consumer Preview event at Mobile World Congress, Windows Division president Steven Sinofsky suggested smartphones and tablets should aim for synergy with the PC market to encourage wider use from consumers.

No choice but to choose

"This show is the best of mobile, but as exciting as these devices are, we all face some yearning," said Sinofsky at the event.

"We choose between productivity and consumption. A tablet or a laptop? A touch interface or a tablet and a mouse? The problem is the the industry has made you make this choice. But you should make this choice based on the form factor."

Sinofsky's vision of a market where both apps and indeed operating systems cross seamlessly from one form of hardware to the next isn't without personal interest, of course.

Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 has been designed to work just as well on tablets as it does on PC, and will be linked tightly to Windows Phone come launch.

One for all

Sinofsky's concern, however, is ensuring developers are on the same page, designing Metro apps that work just as well on touchscreens as they do with a mouse.

"The goal should be that the operating system scales with you," added Sinofsky.

"That's what we mean by a no-compromise experience."

Microsoft claimed the latest preview of Windows 8 comes with more than 100,000 changes to the previous release, with connection to the cloud across both PCs and phones.


The Consumer Preview can be picked up from Microsoft's website.

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