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My.Games partners with Google for a new accelerator programme

Game Drive is aimed at mobile games studios
My.Games partners with Google for a new accelerator programme

My.Games have teamed up with Google to launch a new joint accelerator programme dubbed Game Drive.

The new initiative is aimed at mobile games studios, with developers having until January 8th, 2021, to apply to be part of the programme.

Once applications have closed, a panel full of experts from Google and My.Games will assess them. Furthermore, these specialists will provide consultation on the development of a project as well as on scalability.

On January 28th, successful participants will be given feedback on their projects. Such support may include assessment and analysis, recommendations, networking, advice on launching in international markets and investment consideration from My.Games.

Get competitive

"Mobile game development is an extremely competitive market and an idea alone is often not enough to acquire users," said My.Games MGVC managing director Ilya Karpinsky.

"By launching this accelerator and building a partnership with Google, we hope to provide an unprecedented programme for mobile game developers across Europe by providing support and expertise from two of the largest players in the market. This is the first stage of our partnership and we hope to announce more initiatives in the future."

Google vice president of EMEA emerging markets Meir Brand added: "There's huge creativity in the fast-growing gaming industry. We hope that this accelerator programme with My.Games Venture Capital will support talented and promising app developers in Western Europe and other countries, helping them to grow and go global while continuing working from their home countries."

Recently, My.Games entered the cloud gaming market as it launched My.Games Cloud in Russia.