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National Videogame Museum continues fight for survival as it raises £130,000

"Every donation gets us closer to securing our future"
National Videogame Museum continues fight for survival as it raises £130,000

The National Videogame Museum has revealed that its fundraising campaign has been a success so far but will look for further efforts to help keep the building open.

Located in Sheffield, UK, the museum is operated by the British Games Insitute (BGI), a charity for games culture, skills, diversity and sustainability and was forced to temporarily close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of March, the museum called for donations to prevent its complete shutdown but has now raised enough to keep itself sustained until July 2020. However, with the pandemic expected to continue and therefore meaning more delays will prevent the museum from re-opening, it's expected that further challenges lie ahead.

Notable studios in the UK games industry have donated to the museum, including Rockstar Games, Jagex, Fusebox Games, Embracer Group, and Sheffield natives Sumo Digital and Boneloaf.

"So grateful"

"We are so grateful to some of our finest games companies and industry leaders for helping us in our hour of need," said BGI chair Ian Livingstone.

"With no end to the lockdown in sight and without significant public funding, every donation gets us closer to securing our future in these uncertain times"

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser added: "It’s so important that this unique and wonderful Museum, the only one in the UK dedicated to celebrating the rich and diverse culture of videogames, should be able to continue to excite and educate visitors, whilst hopefully inspiring future generations of talented game makers."


Those that are looking to donate to the cause can head here for further details.

The National VideoGame Museum was one of several backers for the new UK SideQuest initiative that looks to encourage games careers for 3.3 million teenagers under lockdown.