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NDreams raises $2.75 million to build VR games portfolio

Funded by new investment outfit Mercia
NDreams raises $2.75 million to build VR games portfolio
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jan 19, 2015 investment Mercia Technologies nDreams $2.8m

Announced just days after its long-awaited virtual reality sci-fi shooter Gunner went live for the Samsung Gear VR, UK studio NDreams has revealed a $2.75 million round of funding for development of further VR titles.

The funding comes from tech investor Mercia Technologies (LON:MERC), which recently raised $100 million.

The funding will allow NDreams and its 28 employees to continue researching and developing for the rapidly expanding VR games sector.

Virtual opportunities

Despite being co-published by Oculus itself, NDreams' first virtual reality game is still in demo, given that the Gear VR doesn't have a paid download store yet.

Once the Oculus Rift reaches its anticipated retail launch, the full version of Gunner will go live as paid launch title.

This is just one of NDreams' current roster of VR games in development, with a total of five projects (not all of which are games) being under development for a range of virtual reality platforms from Oculus Rift and Gear VR to Sony's Morpheus.


It's on the PlayStation 3 where NDreams began, making the platform's first augmented reality game for PlayStation Home. The studio has announced that the PlayStation 4 will play host to its forthcoming dramatic VR game The Assembly.

All of which will undoubtedly receive a shot in the arm thanks to the $2.75 million injection into the studio's finances.