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New free mobile web games platform from YoYo Games and Opera

Opera GX browser games to deliver 'native-like' performance on mobile
New free mobile web games platform from YoYo Games and Opera
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GameMaker engine creator YoYo Games has added a new feature to the platform together with web browser Opera, intending to enable developers to release mobile games free of charge.

The new functionality in the platform is now active on both Android and iOS app versions. Currently available in beta, games will be added to the service following an upcoming mobile games jam.

Since the desktop version of launched in November of last year, the total number of GameMaker games has already surpassed 1,500.

Now for mobile, creators that use GameMaker will be able to publish titles on the Opera GX browser, meaning games can be played via hyperlink instead of additional downloads. This is also intended to deliver native-like performance on mobile.

"We want game creators to be able to spend most of their time creating games, not figuring out the complex issues of compatibility," said GX Games product director Joanna Czajka. "Building a mobile game and making it available on every mobile device via mobile web has just become super easy."

At the time of Miniclip's 21st anniversary, the company revealed plans to move away from its browser-based games to focus more on mobile offerings. Tilting Point, meanwhile, released its Launcher to bring mobile games to PC, Mac and browser.